About Me

After being awarded with the Yuzz Young Entrepeneur prize, I got hooked on the strategy world. Living a couple of months in San Francisco and Palo Alto boosted our motivation, and shortly afterwards three mates and me funded our own startup. The main idea was matching entrepreneurs and investors. In 4 years we closed hundred of deals and opened new offices in Spain, Chile, and San Francisco.

Mi passion for programming and the opensource ecosystem made me join the ReactOS Foundation in 2007, being, this way, the first spanish member in the Board of Directors. In this international project I didnt just share my own knowledge but it helped me to grow from the strategy point of view.

Nowadays , I would be probably defined as an entrepreneur, a fashionable word. But, at that time, I had to heard the “waste of time” frequently. However I was defining it as “paving my own path”. The now, so called, differentiation.

  • Big Data

    Big Data is an amazing tool to discover the main clues to develop succesful strategies based on them.

  • Comunity

    Working for several years in Opensource project tought me that creating a Community strategy is a must have which is frequently forgotten.

  • Strategy

    COO, CMO, and CSO for several companies out there sharpened my strategic skills. Discover more in my LinkedIn.

  • Negotiation

    Negotiation is the art of drafting and executing win-win strategies. These strategies let companies and startup to survive in the long term, helping investors, entrepreneurs and companies to reach rewarding agreements.

  • Team Work

    Leadering teams as CSO, CMO, COO of several companies and also my own startup.

  • Awards

    Winner of the Yuzz prize (Santander Bank Foundation) in Seville, and awarded Entrepreneur of the year by the Seville Townhall.

  • Analysis

    Advising investors and companies, helping entrepreneurs to find or polish their business models, and even matching both of them.

  • Talks

    Speaker at the Chemnitz Linux Tag, FOSDEM(Brussels) or the Open Source World Conference, among others. Also invited to share my own experiences and tips in several entrepeneurs and investors events.

Working and Traveling all around the world!

#San Francisco, #Chile, #Argentina, #Spain, #London, #Germany, #Sweden, #Russia...

Working and Traveling all around the world!

Working for Bitcoin and #FinTech companies, co-founding an Entrepreneur-Investors networking platform which let us opening offices in SF, Chile, Peru.
Advising Sweden, London, and Spain based companies, entrepreneurs and investors.


#ReactJS, #AngularJS, #NodeJS, #Python, #WinAPI and the latest technologies and frameworks out there.


Helping to find, through strategy changes, killer points to improve business profitability is so addictive for me…


My main way to chill out (along with sports). Some of mi pictures are part of this website. Details, in both photography and business worlds, matters.

More about me

Setting in motion new projects was not new for me.
I’d already funded thr Robotics Universitary Association (Esibot) and the IEEE Student branch in the Univeristy of Seville. Even something as different as funding the Seville Musical Theater Association ( ATMS)
My knowledge in technology, development, marketing and strategy let me to specialize in product strategies, comunication and operations for SAAS products or other technicsl platforms.

There are companies requesting me a second opinion or a strategic change to stand out from their competitors. Also being contactecby investors who are puzzled about why their investment in a refrigerator startup selling in the North Pole which looked as an amazing opportinity in that besutiful Prezi seems to not be as succesful as expected.

After all, we are the result of our own personal strategy.