This year ReactOS has been selected to be shown in one of the most important Free and Open source events in Germany: FrOSCon. It’s our first time there but their program is impressive. Colin Finck, Mark Jansen, Giannis Adamopoulos, and me will be present to show our latest achievements in the ReactOS booth….

The event takes place on 19th and 20th August (weekend, btw) so feel free to book your flights or plan a nice weekend to meet us there. Surroundings are wonderful (if you need an extra excuse *cough*).

Even more, this year we’ve decided to strategically place the ReactOS Hackfest the week before FrOSCon.

Crazy? Probably. But FrOSCon will become, this way, an extra-motivation. You know “We can’t fail, thousands of visitors are willing to see our Hackfest results”. The ReactOS Hackfest is just a coding, but overall, a fun week. A week where selected developers will work in some critical tasks in a relaxed environment, out of the offices. For such the ReactOS Foundation has rented a nice loft in the center of Cologne. The ReactOS Hackfest is closed to public but we’ll be live streaming at the end of the day summing up our achievements and facepalms. Feel free to join them. You know we love interaction. Keep following the ReactOS or my twitter account to know our daily schedule.

Don’t ask me why I’m holding a Littl’? Ponny…during our first (old times) Hackfest.

Some critical goals we’ll address as a team are: discussing how to properly move from SVN to GIT(once and for all), test our new USB driver stack with tons of USB pieces of hardware, fix Chrome’s sandbox mode, finish the new and online ReactOS Apps Manager, just among others.

This time we won’t be using Scrum during the Hackfest. How so?.

Muahaha…This time we will be using the new and awesome agile method called: ScrumBeer 2.0. Well, if you feel 1337 enough you can use its real name, ScrumB33r. Of course there are 2 different flavors: With alcohol and without it.

It’s just slightly different to the typical Scrum one, but it seems to work pretty well in Hackfests. Not kidding. I’m just writing a new post about what this crazy “ScrumB33r” agile method is about.


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